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Every aspect of your care proactively delivered in-app
Providing unprecedented accuracy in measuring the real-time actual water use of key crops
Drive growth with breakthrough videos starring your customers
Subcontractors Streamline Purchasing and Inventory
Supercharging the food chain to close the 30% waste gap
A Whole New World Of Customer Intelligence
Platform to accelerate big data model construction in computer vision
Fighting misinformation on social media
Application to improve parents-screen-kids triangle relationships through educative games that unlock the phone screen
Consumer Intelligence Platform that provides marketers with opportunities to take over the online and offline consumer journey market share
Through video chatbot, Tolstoy dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of face-to-face communication.
Intelligent candidate video interviewing: the next disruption to CVs
Lynx.MD is a federated learning solution that makes medical data accessible for data science and artificial intelligence in a secure, compliant, and privacy-preserving way.
AI-Driven returns management platform that improves significantly customer lifetime value and post purchase experience.
AI Powered Cyber Protection and Regulation Compliance
A all-in-one data-driven, AI-based pricing optimization and shipment automation platform that eliminates freight pricing, booking, and shipping inefficiencies.
Provides high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, using advanced technologies
Stealth mode
Self-checkout mobile app
Nanobébé’s patented design improves the entire process of bottle feeding breastmilk and preserves its nutritional value
Interactive training platform designed for coaches, business trainers and enterprises
Helping UK based businesses get the funding they need to succeed
The leading data management, reporting, analytics platform for today’s digital music business
An Artificial Intelligence based platform for large scale prediction, prevention and outcome improvement of chronic diseases
Artificial Intelligence search for online shopping
Predictive maintenance for industrial machines
An online platform that provides users with an easy way to design beautiful and effective online flyers and newsletters
Location based Air quality and pollen data

Our team

Cynthia Phitoussi & Audrey Chocron

Managing Partners

Cynthia Phitoussi and Audrey Chocron have been working in the israeli start-up ecosystem for the past 10 years pursuing their dream to actively contribute to Israel’s growth and success.

In 2010, they successfully founded and managed for 3 years one of the first accelerators in Israel: TheHive by Gvahim. In 2014, they decided to found SeedIL Club which gathered 65 accredited business angels.In 2018, they founded SeedIL Ventures in partnership with Technion Drive to invest in the most promising israeli start-ups. 

Previously, Audrey was a senior relationship manager for corporate clients in a large bank for over 13 years. She is also a certified professional coach. Cynthia’s experience counts 6 years as consumer market research manager for large FMCGs. She then created and managed a corporate event company for over 6 years.

Cynthia Phitoussi

Audrey Chocron

Investment Committee

Cynthia Phitoussi

Cynthia Phitoussi

Managing Partner

Co-Founder of Seedil Club
Co-Founder & Board member TheHive
Market Research Manager for FMCG brands

Daniel Amzallag

Daniel Amzallag

Co-Founder & CEO of unicorn Ivalua Inc.

Audrey Chocron

Audrey Chocron

Managing Partner

Co-Founder of Seedil Club
Co-Founder & Board member TheHive
Corporate banking
Certified professional coach to entrepreneurs

Mark Ziering

Mark Ziering

Advisor CE Innovation Capital
SVP Corp Dev, Perion (NASDAQ: PERI)
Managing Partner Genesis



Patrice Giami

Patrice Giami​

Mobile and Telco expert

Yves Michali

Yves Michali​

Technology expert

Gerard Kuperfarb

Gérard Kuperfarb

Construction Tech

Marcio Lempert

Marcio Lempert


Evyatar Hajbi

Junior Analyst

Gabriel Zerbib

Gabriel Zerbib

Dev Tools & Web

Franck Atlan

Medical Advisor

Shlomi Atar

Shlomi Atar

SAAS Tools

Olivier Khayat

Olivier Khayat


Pedro Seidl

US representative

Advisory Board

Legal and Accounting

Leon Baruc

Léon Baruc

Founder & CEO ETCHE

Remi Toledano

Rémi Toledano


Jose Tabacinic

Jose Tabacinic



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