Where private investors gain access
to Israel's most promising startups

SeedIL is a new type of Investment Club built around
a unique Online Platform that allows sophisticated investors
to browse and select pre-screened Israeli start-ups.

The "Startup Nation's miracle"

is watched and recognized as an example by the entire world,
and what’s more logical considering that...

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SeedIL is an exclusive International Online Angel Club focused on Israeli early-stage High Tech companies.

  • SeedIL is an invitation only club of sophisticated investors considering investments in Israeli start-up ventures.
  • SeedIL offers its club members, particularly those residing outside of Israel, high net worth individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders, access to start-up technology companies which would not otherwise come their way or which would take significant time and effort to identify.
  • Our easy-to-use online platform allows members to browse and select pre-screened start-ups through a short video pitch and written business and financial material. Eligible investors will also be able to review pre-negotiated investment opportunities.
  • After investment, SeedIL is committed to ensuring portfolio companies reach their full potential by providing ongoing coaching and connections.
Funding now
Under Vehicle Inspection
Image processing and machine learning company
Breezometer A Round
Crowdsourcing machines for predicting failures
Video games for brain rehab
A true revolution in brain rehabilitation targeted at hundreds of millions of people who suffer from
Invoice Cycle: Online Financing for Businesses
REVELATOR: The Salesforce for Music
Breezometer: The First Real Time Air Quality & Health Recommendation Platform
SWEETCH-Prevention & Prediction platform for Diabetes
Curediva: social e-commerce platform
Smore: Online promotion for SMBs
NanoBébé: Innovative baby device

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